Five Expressions of love

Five Expressions of love

Are you a present buyer? Or perhaps you write the drippiest love letters every anniversary?

You may be expressing love to your partner in your preferred language of love.

There are five methods we use to do this, and I dont mean love as intimate love – I mean all types of affection.

Helping to understand your own preferred method odf giving and receving can help to understand connections with those around you.

For instance some of us hate receiving gifts (I know could you imagine!) but see true devotion through little things being done for them – taking the rubbish out, cooking a meal.

Its important to note that we all value each language on some level but have main methods that really play on our heart strings.

  1. Touch – I list this term first because I LOVE TO BE TOUCHED! Hugged, stroked, brushed, massaged, leaned on, draped across – anything! This is my main method of receiving affection. Like a cat I will happily drape myself across people for the feeling of pleasure…

Time – Doing leisurely things together, watching a movie, going somewhere exciting together, having a bath together.. the point is together! Time appreciating people need well… time! A celebrity actor would not be a good match here for example as they may not have a schedule that would allow them to spend too much time with their significant other.

Gifts! – Diamonds are a girls best friend according to our consumer driven madness – But small tokens of affection will work just fine as well. These types of lovers really appreciate physical gifts given with thought and meaning of course.

Acts of Service – This sounds quite non descript and almost like a legal term but people who value acts of service tend to be more down to earth and practical. Worshipping lovers who complete chores, fix things, mend things, organise things – the doo-ers so to speak!

Words – “Just tell me I’m the one”. Sex and the City.. Love songs, poetry, telling your partner all the small delicate things that make feel adoration towards them.. It’s simple and powerful.

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