Productivity and Creativity…

Productivity and Creativity…

Wanna know how I spent the day?

This morning I woke up at 8am, today was/is a Saturday. What the hell I might hear you ask haha…

Especially as I went to sleep about 4:30am the “night” before… but that was no hardship, it was one of those beautiful moments where you get swept up and forget real life…

sO – The early start was due to a friend came round for a morning cup of tea and a chat. It was incredibly restoring to have them here, visiting my house for the first time.

What happened after – Ah yes.

I’ve dedicated my free time to learning about NPD or Narcissistic Personality Disorder, the effects of normies and my own healing journey.

SO i read a WHOLE BOOK! Psychopath Free – by Jackson Mackenzie. Recommended by G. (Who later fessed up to never having read it haha!)

The book was a (hate to say the term Bible) so I’ll say “HOW TO FOR DUMMIES” on Narc life and emotional abuse… Its been incredibly insightful and useful in re-arranging and understanding my mind in life AD or AC as that should really be.

Link is here – Non affiliated because right now nobody actually sees this website –

After I realised today that worrying about becoming a Narc is a sure sign that you AINT one! I felt a bit better.. the last thing I would want to do is inflict that pain on someone.

Afterwards I decided to use this old crappy charity shop bought candle making kit. It was spectacular because instead of using the mould I used the soup tin can!

Next thing I know I have my own Etsy shop online! I’ve ordered Paraffin wax, stearin, wicks, dyes, cardboard box packaging, a logo, stickers for the boxes, and organised 3 listings!

GOd knows if anybody will actually buy anything but Ive planned for 25 units to be sold at a price enabling me to have 2/3 profit. So lets see, that could be £140 for me profit!

After this I then edited a long legal email for some friends – this had always been a sore point for me because one of the biggest manipulative moments of C was that he liked to tell me how awful I was at writing and how good he was at it. This was a sticking sore point throughout the whole imprisonment (now what I call our 3 year relationship) and he truly inhibited all of my creativity.

I think I’ll write another post on this… *HERE

Anyway I just wanted to reflect on this moment of serenity, moreof which Im sure is to come now that I am no longer tormented by the abuse.

Update – Hope may be lower, but instead of feeling like im getting worse because im single I feel like im getting better because Im single.

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