Ode to Mim…

Ode to Mim…


Ouch! (She’d hit me for saying that)

Mim – Mimi when she’s upset…

With her baby hands and her frizzy hair…

My sister was always a menace to me, being annoying, extremely extraverted, a pain in the ass, competition.

My god we’d fight sooooo much!

One of the first things we fought over was actually my brother when he was a baby! Apparently he was our living doll and we both grow extremely possessive and would fight over him constantly!

My mum still has the photos..

But otherwise we’d fight over everything else… attention, possessions,

As teenagers it grew nasty – we’d bully each other, getting spiteful..

we’d still physically fight as well! The last time we actually fought my first boyfriend split us up – how totally embarrassing!

she’d get the upper hand teasing me for having no friends, or being ugly, or about my giant boobs, or about my periods etc

I’d tease her for being dumb, having little intellect and being small minded. She likes her creature comforts and she likes her home and family.

Where as I was a dreamer, with ambitions to get the hell out of dodge and escape the chains..

But we became friends over time.. we were together during foster care. Shes been there for me at every time. Even if we hated each other during those times..

She knows more than anyone how truly upset i can be and i’ll show her what i dont show other people.. and she’ll be 100% honest with me too. Because she tries to be happy all the time for every one else//

thats not to say i hide away from everybody else… its just to say that as infjs we tend to show levels of ourselves to others. Im not sayig she knows all my secrets either because she totally doesnt hahaha!

This week we spoke on the videophone, (I just realsied i wrote that word and now i feel like a century old -cringe)…

She saw i was upset, she had called me upset – in fact she said hello and burst out crying… in the end i accepted her gracious gift and she posted me a dress so i posted her some boots!

So to Mim – my annoying little sister, my closest confidant and most of all my friend. Here are some pictures of us 🙂

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