What’s Next…

What’s Next…

So What’s next. hey.. ho hum.. fiddle dee dee.

I havent written in a little while, dont really know what to make of anyhting currently.

I know Ill start with the Extraverted sensing:

Finances – Quite an improvement from last month, which felt like an austere winter! I have payment holidays. I’ll still pay the interest but its worth taking use of the governments crazy schemes for things.. especially as I’m now Semi-furloughed again.

On a positive note i have three figures invested in Crypto! I’d already ordered a Red Ruby card and so had a little invested which is now topped up and added with some Ethereum. I’m still a total noob but its good to learn.

Health – Exercise = 0!!! Absolute Zero – I keep dismissing my own plans to go for a walk which is terrible. My back hurts from neglecting exercise – made worse from not kickboxing in about 2 months now.

Diet – Much better – Lots more vegetables, grains, breakfast everyday.. the general stuff.

Relationships: …. what … none.. I am married to my country, married to my god, married to myself.. married to idea of marriage but with no practise available.. starry eyed and hopelessly tragically dreamy about love.. but resigned to the current draught.

Career: Lol what. My job is still my job. Still dont want it. Still doing it.

Christmas: Meal with the housemates, It was torturous! Thank god that forced “merriment” is over… still it was good to do something.

Next up I have christmas day being a spare prick at NandP’s.. I just hope I don’t get the waves of sadness I tend to get at these times (birthday and christmas).. But I know one day when I have kids of my own – if I ever get to because I do feel worried about that now).. then I’ll be able to have the most beautiful christmas with my very own family – me and him and them.—-

Im out of sensory stuff – I tried but talking about this stuff is boring and mind emptying..

Bring on the aliens and the anthropology and the spiritism and the wierdness!

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