Unfortunate Cookie Collection :)

Unfortunate Cookie Collection :)

A recent conversaton with someone very dear led us to realise that I have a knack for writing misfortunate quotes, otherwise known as “unfortunate cookies”.

Think of a fortune cookie, foretelling your future, lifting your hopes, giving you that confidence boost you appreciate to get through the day…

Then picture cracking into a malshaped cookie to find that the little scroll of paper has something starkly truthful but altogether a bit depressing… that’s it… you’re misfortune has been told!

Here’s a short collection:

~ Regrets ~ I have more regrets than I have had hot dinners, I know this because of how bad I am at cooking for myself.

~They don’t understand me, they want to keep me, but I need to be free, I will be free.

~People set festivities to mark the passing of time.

~Democracy is nothing but media dictatorship.

~Men cling to other’s words desperstely seeeking enlightenment, but Women cling to others emotions despertely seeking the same. (Im not sure this is mine but its awesome).

~Nature is never afraid, nature is never lovely, nature never thinks.

~He has words but no substance.

~His fight, his passion, his strength, his endurance, its enough to make me swoon.

~We frolic and fray in the decayed ruins of our ancestors, as we draw closer to their fate.

~The western world is suffering from an illness that is tearing the fabric of our society apart. the attack on our ability to replicate is disturbingly ever prominent. This is happening via distortion of the truth, breakdown in our dualistic sexual energy ad the loss of our purpose. These phenomena are too large to be merely coincidental. The false faced incubus cones disguised with flattering words; hope, equality, diversity, socialism, peace. Its seduction taking hold of our people, and threatening our bright futures.

~Happiness is a byproduct of usefulness.

~Listening to the music, it was like the melodies were codes that form up a matrix universe.

~Being in love is the worst way to die.

~I’ve got the life I always wanted. I’m just sad because its not the life I want now.

~Chuck is a carousel of cataclysmic catastrophe.

~Notes on acid, Snails are very orgasmic creatures. They ooze their whole lives.

~How would you describe yourself; milk, honey and a pinch of ginger for spice!

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