I only write when I’m sad

I only write when I’m sad

This little blog thing has turned into a disgusting sea of self loathing and swampiness…

Im not proud of it currently..

I wanted it to showcase the happy, the up the downs, the trials the journey the reward… and I wanted it to be fun!

It reads like a long drawn out suidicide note!

Fuck that!

S why dont I write when im happy?

I am happy at least once a day! I now thats hard to beleive…

today I got an emal from my boss telling me that she was really chuffed ith my work.. i lso recorded myself singing a song near perfectly and it even had a belt section!

I also stayed within my MAcros.

I have good hair today.

Its a Friday!

I mean I have no plans on the weekend but at least I get a snoooze in the mornin

Im going to make another writing blog series.. in light of the first series R.H (Relationship Hiatus) this one shall be called The Seven Wonders..

For it is the antithesis of the seven sins and yes I know I stole the title from American Horror story but I like it – it fits

and yes of course you guessed it – Its a seven parter!

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