My god I love David Tennant.. a girlish schoolgirl crush to a late twenties tittilating fancy…

I dont like the man – in fact I dont even like his scottish accent, and after my scottish ex I am done with scotsmen and their cruel cold ways.

But the two characters he plays – Doctor Who and Giacamo Casanova.

Stupid daft man and all his adventures

He must be an ENTP im sure

I wrote a big depressing column of crap here before i realised im on my happy series -and that nobody really cares ultimately..

My life will be as fleeting and forgetful as everybody elses is.

So why not leave some stuff that makes people laugh-

or leave a list of those i helped today outside of my paid job –

Eerena – today I showed eerena how to cut up her wedding dress properly, i also comforted her about her dead father. She didnt want to donate her dress (its the last time she aw her father at her wedding she got divorced from).

Mim – I comforted mim and offered to speak to her as she said she felt depressed.

JEff – Contractor – Comforted him about his dead sister. First time i saw him.

Aimee- Cut her hair for her as she fucked it up, she looks so beautiful pregnant.

Rhia – Asked if she could pay me later, i told her it was fine when it meant i had nothing in my bank

I dont want to be boastful here but maybe i need to realise my life is worth something and i need to find my passion.

My passion is helping people.

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