Being a Doula life, death and everything in between..

Being a Doula life, death and everything in between..

I used to be terrified of birth, pregnancy and everything.

Now I see it as a sort of calling, not just to do it myself but also to help guide others.

When I volunteered to help 6k people fire walk and birth them into a new life – metaphorically –

It was my job to wash the feet of people walking their fist step out of the fire – my hose spray was what broke their hypnosis state and shocked them into their new lives. Like a baby taking its first breath.

It was magical.

And I wept and wept wept (hahaha this reminds me of a convo I had recently)

Anyway… fastforward..

My ex’s grandad was dying slowly from cancer in a hospice.. I felt so called to sit with him and chat. To understand him, to be with him, to provide companionship. I notice he was slumped and that he had been leaning on his arm that he’d lost feeling in for several hours.. I offered and helped him back to centre.

He felt better even though he couldnt feel it, I even stuck a pillow under him to support it and cushion it.

When his grandson was out of the room he toldme to marry Dave and to look after him. I didnt obviously..

Fast forward again… I have had 3 women in my life who call on me for social companionships.

Zoe – Had 4 miscarriages, I gave her some counselling, and some wise woman advice and she now has 2 boys.

Lizzy – Had 2 rounds of IVF that failed, I worked with her again doing the same thing and now she has a baby boy.

Aimee – Had a miscarriage, I worked with her on her emotions and her spiritual connection to how she processes her emotions and the meaning she gives them. She’s now pregnant with her boy..

I seem to be able to help bring more boys out into the world.

Anyway its made me think I want to do more.. I dont know how or what it would look like…

I took a Doula course over the lockdown.. I have a Alevel equivalent to a diploma which is something i guess.. but no expereince. Ive never attended a birth. I REALLLYYYY want to though.

Ive never seen a death either.. and I guess I do kinda of want to as well… wierd I know..

#Maybe I should think about this and encourage avenues to come into my life..

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