Intimidation :Societal Endemic Series

Intimidation :Societal Endemic Series

A blank page.

There’s the application of energy and emotion waiting to be transferred into words and meanings.

A communication for expression.

But alas at much as I feel the urge, the struggle is high.

I don’t want to write something upsetting, and its so much harder to channel higher energies on paper.


I remembered what I wanted to write about now:

Intimidation – Are men really intimidated by women so much, is it an epidemic? I hear the terms everywhere, Feminisms first port of call is that they shouldn’t lower themselves down to men who are intimidated by them. Apparently it’s been a historic phenomena – Witches burnt for intimidation.

Jordan Peterson talks about men’s need to conquer the dragon – the Serpent – the female mystique, the energy, death itself. Women represent death to men.

Nowadays, men are even further intimidated by women – women must work as men. Toiling, labouring. Earning money, having jobs/careers, driving, buying houses etc. not having a man to save them.

So the question is: What do women do in this instance?

I asked my older man friend Nick who is sort of like a wierd dad figure..

I ask him, what can I do to make myself less intimidating. He says; you don’t.

Which is all very dreamy and idealisitic but I calculated that I have 15 months in order to find someone, marry them, move in with them and become pregnant in order to have a child before 30.

I dont have the pleasure of being all high and mighty, calling men lame for being nervous.. i need to give them all the help they can get.

As long as they are of good moral fibre, dedicated, honest, principled, attractive, and loving then I know I would be very happy with my choice.

Have I encountered a man who finds me attractive but can’t stand to meet the dragon…

What does one do in this situation, maybe it is wrong to help a man..

Maybe that is a man’s mission and if I help him then I ruin his manhood and his ability to do anything..

I’m not sure…

I need to do more research on this – the story is not over yet…

–Next endemic for discussion – Commitment phobia. Nats, men and women.

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