I use to write in Journals.

I had 6 or 7 one the go at one point.

Gratitude journals, poetry, doodles, love letters (don’t laugh), and Goals…

Then I decided to enter the 21st Century and move it all online.

I created the DOMESTIC MILLENNIAL website blog, and social media accounts. I went public and shared my mission of meaning with the people..

Now laid to rest in the graveyard of expires websites I had such big dreams for this blog and wanted to spread my message of personal development and light to all.

And then…

I Gave up.

My website died, I focused on my business instead but I realised that without the passion of my blog my energy died and so did the business.

So here I am a few years later with the blog part 2. Happy Seeking… the process of further development, exploration, finding myself and hopefully helping others do the same through it all!

Here’s a brief interlude about me and my purpose:

We live in the midst’s of the information age. The answer is always at the end of the phone, tablet, watch, laptop, or voice activated device we have scattered nearby.

So how is it that we have all the answers but can feel such a huge sense of struggle to find meaning. 

You can of course search the web for answers but good luck if you want to find more than just a million memes about the subject. 

Since reaching the age of 18 (a feat that was hard enough a journey in itself due to some experiences I’ll share later) I have fought, journeyed and navigated the world of adulthood. I have lived in many different circumstances. Let me devise a further summary for you: 

I have moved house approximately 21 times.

I have had 13 jobs.

I have had 3 serious relationships.

I have been made homeless many times.

I have relocated to different parts of the UK 5 times. There isn’t much of the UK left for me now!

I have lost/gained contact with family/friends over and over again.

I have earnt a degree at University and then deemed it useless in the workplace.

I have been an entrepreneur, both successful and unsuccessful.

I have had a lot of money, and I have gone through times where I have had nothing.

I have had the best years of my life and (cliché) the worst years of my life.

When you have no role model to follow it can leave you lonely, clueless and without guidance. 

I have craved a place where I can find the answers. An environment where people can be honest with each other to discover their purpose, gain meaning, and learn how to successfully master riding the beast of adulthood.

Suffering from an lack of altruism I have wanted to be there for others, using my unique life experiences to guide others through the process. Counselling, educating, and supporting others through this stage of life. 

This is what I seek to create here…

If you’re interested in reading more of my portfolio work please visit @SarahAzzoutPortfolio!

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